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This site is dedicated to Late Sri.AnantRao Deshmukh who passed away on 13th Feb 2003.

The news when came had shocked us so much that the impact has still paralyzed the senses.

The procession was unfathomable. Thousands of people from all walks of life have converged to pay homage.
Everybody was grief stricken, everybody were shedding tears. The loss was written on their faces. He has
achieved so much in such a less timing of his life. The selfless work he has put through out his life for
the community can never be forgotten. He was a human magnet drawing people to him from all over for solace,
advice and companionship. There was no end to the instances narrated by people of his kindness. His
liveliness was engulfing all making their lives happy and enjoying.

The soul which has made thousands to live peacefully does not need our recommendation and is there to get it.
Their is only one way to contain the grief, forget that he is not with us, remember all those instances he has
made us happy. We may have lost him in the body form but nobody can take him away from us in his true form.
This will keep pain out of the grief away.

He shall want us to be happy and go on his cherished life path. We all expect the same life spirit from his sons
which has made him unique in his life and also after.
- Bhalchandra Deglurkar.

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